Quebec will be receiving $250 million from the federal government for the costs of handling illegal border crossers from 2017 to 2018.

According to the announcement last week, the federal government is reimbursing the province for ensuring that “[illegal border crossers] are provided temporary housing and basic services, shortly after being thoroughly screened at the border.”

According to the Federal government, Quebec received 90% of the illegal border crossers who have entered Canada from the United States.

Minister of Border Security Bill Blair announced the latest handout to deal with Canada’s border crisis. 

“The Government of Canada is focused first and foremost on ensuring that we have a well-managed immigration and asylum system, and that migration flows are managed in a safe, orderly manner,” Blair said.

Since 2016, Justin Trudeau’s first full year in office, 156,155 people have arrived in Canada under false pretenses — walking in illegally, using fake documents or pretending to be tourists — only to make asylum claims in the hopes of becoming refugees in Canada.

Despite the government claiming migrants who cross into Canada illegally have been “thoroughly screened”, officials have not been able to identify the nationality of many.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault has been demanding that the federal government reimburse the province for the expenses they have incurred as a result of Justin Trudeau’s open invitation to the world’s migrants. Legault was asking for $300 million, denying an offer for $150 million from Ottawa last year.

Since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s virtue-signalling tweet in 2017 welcoming the world’s migrants to Canada, the Canadian taxpayer has had to pay dearly.

According to True North’s tally, Trudeau’s open invitation has cost Canadian taxpayers billions.

While Quebec receives the most illegal border crossers, other provinces are also still trying to deal with this crisis.

The province of Ontario and the cities of Toronto and Ottawa have all received millions to help offset the costs of illegal migrants, much of which went to housing.