The Liberals have a long history of accusing their opponents of being racist. It’s one of their favourite go-to lines of attack. 

Justin Trudeau’s embarrassing and racist history of painting himself in blackface, however, shows the hypocrisy of the Liberals name-calling others as being racist. 

Here are five recent examples of Liberals accusing their opponents of being racist for baseless political reasons. 

Trudeau accused an elderly woman of racism then had her dragged from the crowd 

In August 2018, Justin Trudeau had an elderly woman forcefully removed from a crowd of Liberal supporters after she asked him whether Quebecers will be compensated for the costs of housing the influx of refugees into the province. 

In response to her concerns, Trudeau accused the woman of intolerance and racism. 

“Madam, your racism has no place here,” said Trudeau to the woman before RCMP officers grabbed her by the arm and moved her away from the crowd. 

The woman is now suing the prime minister for $95,000 in compensation in claims which include “corporal injury, psychological damage, defamation, and an infringement on her right to freedom of expression.” 

Trudeau accused the Conservatives of Islamophobia for wanting to put ISIS fighters in jail

During Question Period on November 28, 2017, Justin Trudeau suggested that the Conservatives were Islamophobic for wanting to put returning ISIS fighters behind bars.

The response came when Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer asked the Prime Minister what his plan was to deal with extremist fighters returning from abroad. 

“The Prime Minister is using a broad spectrum that includes poetry and podcasts, and all kinds of counselling and group hug sessions,” said Scheer. “When will the Prime Minister take the security of Canadians seriously and look for ways to put these ISIS fighters in jail?”

In response to the question, Trudeau accused the opposition leader of spreading fear and Islamophobia for wanting to put terrorists in jail..

“They ran an election on snitch lines against Muslims, they ran an election on Islamophobia and division, and still they play the same games, trying to scare Canadians,” said Trudeau. 

Kathleen Wynne said that criticizing the Liberal refugee plan is “racist”

In 2015 former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne stated that Canadians who criticize the Liberal plan to let in 25,000 refugees from war-torn Syria on a fast-tracked artificial timeline were racist. 

“That’s the danger and that somehow talking about security allows us to tap into that racist vein, when that isn’t who we are,” said Wynne

According to the latest numbers, a majority of Canadians are actually against allowing more refugees into the country. A poll commissioned by CBC showed that an overwhelming 57 per cent of Canadians claimed that Canada shouldn’t accept any more refugees. 

Even a former Liberal cabinet minister took issue with Wynne’s comments. Ujjal Dosanjh, who once served as the Liberal Minister of Health, took issue with Wynne’s characterization since he too took issue with the timing and speed of the Liberal plan over security screening concerns. 

“Yes. I took it personally on behalf of 67% Canadians who disagree with the year end deadline imposed by the Canadian government to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees into the country …  You tarred a whole lot of fair, just, thoughtful and compassionate Canadians with the brush of xenophobia and racism. That is hurtful and truly Un-Canadian!” said Dosanjh.

Hussen accused Ontario Conservative Minister of being “not Canadian”

Liberal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen accused Ontario Conservative Cabinet Minister Lisa MacLeod of being “not Canadian” when she expressed concerns about the cost of housing bogus asylum seekers in Toronto. 

In response to her concerns, Hussen said that “it’s divisive, it’s fear mongering and it’s not Canadian, and it’s very dangerous.” 

Just two weeks earlier, the feds had pledged $50 million to the provinces to help cover the cost of housing asylum seekers, including the tens of thousands of migrants who crossed illegally into Canada. This didn’t come close, however, to covering the cost and in the 2019 budget the Liberals earmarked $1.2 billion to deal with the crisis of illegal border crossers and asylum seekers. 

Bob Rae accused Conservatives of blackface for tweeting filtered picture of Justin Trudeau

Former interim leader of the Liberal Party Bob Rae accused the Conservatives of racism and purposefully darkening Justin Trudeau’s face in an ad.. 

The filtered image, which was shared by the Conservative Party’s official account, was a criticism of the prime minister’s failure to address the needs of Canada’s energy sector. 

“Justin Trudeau has made it clear that he wants to phase-out Canada’s oil & gas sector,” claims the ad, which shows Justin Trudeau dressed in an industrial uniform.

Despite the lack of racial connotations in the article and the entire picture being clearly filtered, the former Liberal Party leader accused the conservatives of —  you guessed it — “racism” for the harmless ad. 

“Racism at work. The equivalent of blackface. Media should be all over this. Straight out of a propaganda textbook,” wrote Bob Rae on his official Twitter account. 

Did we miss any? If you know of any other examples of the Liberals baselessly accusing others of racism, let us know [email protected]

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