In the wake of Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal, two of Canada’s premiers have gone public with their criticism of the Liberal leader.

Neither Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney held back when media asked them about their thoughts on Trudeau’s history of racist gags.

Premier Doug Ford, who has been a target of the federal Liberals this election season, condemned Trudeau for his instances of blackface, saying it’s the people will express their opinion of the Liberal Leader at the polls.

“It was unacceptable back in 2001, it’s unacceptable now,” he said.

“The people are going to decide. They’re going to have the opportunity to decide if they want the prime minister to continue being prime minister or they want a change. I always believe that the people always make the right decision.”

Ford added that had a Conservative had been caught in blackface, the condemnation would be much more severe.

“If it was a Conservative, I think it would have been a different story.”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney in a speech last week also criticized the Trudeaur.

Kenney blasted the Trudeau for deflecting blame from himself in his apology to Canadians.

“He is trying to blame this on society. That ‘we’ must learn from this. No prime minister, this is about you, not us,” he said.

“I don’t know why he’s trying to blame society. This is classic. This is typical of him.”

Justin Trudeau made national and international headlines two weeks ago when multiple instances of him painting himself in racist “blackface” and “brownface” came to light.

While originally only admitting to two instances of blackface, a third instance was found within 12 hours of his admission.

Just this weekend, a higher-quality video showing a younger Justin Trudeau head-to-toe in black paint was published.

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