The nebulous term “climate refugees” has been officially endorsed by a political party in Canada this week as the leader of the Green Party believes Canada should open its borders to accept them.

Speaking on CTV’s Question Period, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May suggested that Canada should accept “tens of thousands” of climate refugees and “underpopulated” areas of Canada should be getting prepared to accept them.

“We have right now, depopulated areas across the country. We can build up infrastructure by 2030 and 2040 to accept far more people in regions, for instance in the Prairies, where there are depopulated places, in Atlantic Canada, and northern Quebec,” she said.

May made it clear that her party believes Canada should open itself up to an unspecified number of climate refugees, not only because they deserve refuge, but because Canada’s carbon emissions make us responsible for their plight.

“One of the points Greens make is we have to prepare,” May said.

“By geography, we’re one of the biggest countries in the world, by population one of the smaller. We have an obligation; we’ve been one of the biggest polluters.”

Canada’s total Carbon dioxide emissions are minuscule compared to the world total. In 2014, China’s carbon emissions were 19 times higher than Canada’s, and the United States’ was nearly ten times higher.

The term “climate refugees” was invented by activists to refer to someone who will be forced to leave their home because of the effects of climate change.

The term has no legal recognition, with the United Nations saying that climate refugees “[do] not exist in international law,” but that has not stopped climate-change extremists from predicting future mass-movements to Canada.

The government, the media, and open-borders advocates have all made references to the inevitability of climate refugees coming to Canada, despite no climate refugees actually existing.

May’s admission marks the first time a political party has endorsed accepting climate refugees.

True North founder Candice Malcolm pointed out key flaws in the Green’s climate refugee idea.

“The Green’s proposal to accept so-called climate refugees is bonkers. First, if bad weather makes you a refugee, Canada would be a refugee-producing country. Second, she wants Canada to build-up new cities from scratch, communist China style. What about mobility rights?” she said.

If the Green Party assists the Liberals in the event of a minority government, the Greens may use their position to get policies welcoming “climate refugees” enshrined into law.

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