Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds. Not only are the Trudeau Liberals using two planes to criss-cross the country, they’re excusing their excessive carbon emissions by writing cheques to friends of Liberal insiders. 

The latest example of the Liberals preaching one thing and doing the exact opposite came to the public’s attention on Wednesday evening when we learned that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal campaign are using not one, but two jets on the campaign trail. 

One jet is for Trudeau’s costumes and his tour staff to set up the Liberal campaign events prior to the leader’s arrival, and the second jet is for Trudeau, his inner circle and the Liberal’s hand-selected media friends who are covering the tour. 

Most campaigns get by with one plane — some only use a plane part time. 

But not the Liberals. No, no. They’ve been splurging the cash given by Liberal donors to give Trudeau the rock star treatment. 

The Liberal’s sad excuse for flying two planes — both likely half-empty — is that they purchase so-called carbon offsets to mitigate the damage to the environment. 

Must be nice to be clear your conscience by writing a blank cheque using other people’s money. 

The Liberal campaign refused to answer my basic questions about who they are buying these “carbon offsets” from and how much they are spending. After a little digging online, however, I learned that the Liberals are buying these credits from a firm called Less Emissions Inc.  

According to its most recent audit posted online, the environmental benefits that come from purchasing these carbon offsets are cloudy at best.  

The audit states that the carbon offsets Less purchases includes “the rights to the environmental benefits associated with the reduction of certain tonnes of CO2e” but the producers “have retained no claims or assertions of rights to such environmental benefits.”

In other words, they cannot definitively prove how much CO2 emissions are reduced through their offset credits. 

They further emphasize this point on their website, stating: “we recognize that offsetting is an imperfect solution to the complex issue of climate change… [and] we stress that offsetting should be a last resort only.”

Is flying two jets on a campaign the only option for the Liberals? How about flying both jets from one Montreal airport to another — about 50 km away — as they did on Thursday morning?

What we can prove is that Liberal insiders have a chummy relationship with the firm that provides these get-out-of-jail-free offset cards.  

Less Emissions Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bullfrog Power, whose co-founder Tom Heintzman appears to be personal friends with Trudeau’s top advisor Gerry Butts. 

The two worked together at the World Wildlife Foundation and photos of the two together appear on the organization’s social media pages. 

Trudeau has spent the last four years punishing hard-working Canadians with carbon taxes and by throwing up roadblocks to stop energy projects from going forward. He insists that he’s a man with a plan when it comes to saving the planet, while also ratcheting up fears and climate alarmism that the world will end without his drastic and economically-punishing measures. 

Trudeau wants to intentionally increase the cost of living so that Canadians will drive less, buy less, fly less and do less of the things we love to do, while he continues to jet-set around the world — using two jets! — lecturing us about our carbon emissions.