NDP Member of Parliament Cheryl Hardcastle has been caught on tape insulting voters in her riding after losing a mayoral race in 2014, an audio file uncovered by True North reveals.

The call took place shortly after the 2014 Tecumseh municipal election, in which Hardcastle lost. About a year later, she was elected to parliament with the NDP.

The nearly 40-minute call, which appears to have been secretly recorded, was between Hardcastle and Deputy Mayoral candidate Tony Azar — who also lost. 

The two were commiserating over their electoral loss and using colourful language to bash other local politicians and complain about the voting system. 

The worst parts of the call, however, are when Hardcastle turns her anger towards the voters.

“I cannot believe there are that many stupid people in this town,” she told Azar

Hardcastle served as deputy mayor of the town of Tecumseh from 2010 to 2014. She left municipal politics after losing the mayoral race to incumbent Gary McNamara in 2014. 

Tecumseh is a small town in Essex County in Southwestern Ontario outside of Windsor with a population of about 23,000 people. 

“I went to town hall yesterday… I just don’t — I still hate everybody, you know,” she said.

“They just drank his Kool-aid, or you just ate his pablum, or whatever want to call it, you just don’t think! You bought into his f—ing little show… like I just can’t believe people are that stupid,” Hardcastle can be heard saying. 

Hardcastle is currently seeking re-election as the NDP’s candidate for Windsor-Tecumseh.

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