Last week, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said Quebec has the right to use a values test in its immigration system.

Two years ago, Conservative Leadership Candidate Kellie Leitch proposed the same type of values test for newcomers in Canada. Leitch’s proposal included conducting face-to-face interviews with immigrants for values including equal opportunity, hard work, helping others, generosity, freedom and tolerance.

Here are a few examples of the mainstream media reacting to Kellie Leitch’s proposal two years ago:

Lawyer questions Kellie Leitch’s understanding of immigration system – “Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah questions Leitch’s knowledge of the current system.” (CBC)

Fact check on Kellie Leitch’s ‘values check’ – “Leitch’s claim that screening prospective immigrants for anti-Canadian values would be akin to security screening and a matter of asking some simple questions doesn’t hold up.” (Macleans

Here’s How 11 Muslims Feel About The “Canadian Values” Debate – “Any attempt at narrowly and definitively describing Canadian values is bound to be fruitless.” (Buzzfeed

Dale Smith: Where is the ‘Never Kellie’ movement? (TVO

Heather Mallick: Kellie Leitch gets it wrong every single time (Toronto Star)

CBC’s ’22 Minutes’ Mashes Kellie Leitch’s Values Test With ‘Stranger Things’ – “This is so good” (Huffington Post

Lots of Canadians Would Fail the ‘Values Test’ A Conservative MP Wants Immigrants To Take (Vice)

Thomas Walkom: Kellie Leitch’s Trumpian immigration plan could work for her: (Toronto Star)

Bob Hepburn: Beware: Kellie Leitch is on a winning roll (Toronto Star

Nick Kouvalis: The shrewd strategist behind Leitch’s Tory leadership bid (Macleans)

Here is how the mainstream media reacted to Justin Trudeau’s approval of a values test:

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