Canadian Islamist and cleric Younus Kathrada told his congregation to avoid voting in the upcoming election or face divine judgement, according to a clip posted by the Middle East Media Research Institute. 

In a sermon, Kathrada claimed that all Jews and Christians were “evil” and candidates were “filthy” for supporting homosexuality and Israel.  

“He or she approves of homosexuality,” said Kathrada, “which Allah declared forbidden from above the seven heavens. You think that they want good for you? I already told you what Allah said: “Never will they [Jews and Christians] be pleased with you.” They will continue to oppose you. You are fighting a losing battle. They are all evil. Every single one of them.”

Kathrada also warned those in the audience that they will have to face divine judgement for having practiced their democratic right.

“On Judgment Day, you will stand before Allah and be asked about it. If you plan on voting… Ask yourself, prepare the answer first – what am I going to tell Allah when Allah asks me: “You voted for that filthy non-Muslim. Why?” said Kathrada. 

Earlier this year, Kathrada appeared in another video at the Dar Al-Ihsan Islamic Centre in Victoria telling Muslim youth that wishing Christians “merry Christmas” was a sin that was worse than murder.

When confronted about the bigoted comments, Kathrada was unapologetic.

“I stand by what I said and I will not retract unless I am proven to be wrong. What you see is what you get, unedited, uncut,” said Kathrada in a follow-up statement. 

Kathrada has been denounced for past anti-semitism during his speeches and sermons and was once investigated by the RCMP for hate crimes. Kathrada was alleged to have called Jews “brothers of the monkeys and the swine” and said that Allah called for Muslims to kill them. 

Other Muslim religious leaders have condemned Kathrada’s views and claimed that his comments are not representative of a majority of practicing Muslims.

“The word Muslim should not be mentioned here. If he is a religious leader, he does not represent Muslims in Canada,” said Richmon Mosque’s Imam Zijad Delic.

The South-African born cleric has also encouraged Muslims to practice jihad and martyrdom for their beliefs. 

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