If you trust the polls, Monday’s election will be a nail-biter. No party appears to be in a position to win a majority of seats in the House of Commons, and the Conservatives and the Liberals are neck in neck. 

That means this election will be won at the margins — a few thousand votes scattered around swing ridings across Canada.

Your individual vote matters a lot more than usual, especially if you live in competitive districts in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, but also major cities like Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Halifax. 

Unfortunately for Canadians, we’re not the only ones voting in this federal election. 

As True North reported earlier this week, several non-citizens have come forward to say they’ve received Elections Canada voter cards despite not being eligible to vote. 

True North has found yet another example of Elections Canada fraud and non-citizens illegally being invited to vote. 

A whistleblower in Brampton, ON sent True North a WhatsApp message showing an Elections Canada voter card addressed to a family member who is no longer in Canada. The card is addressed to Bharti Patel, who “came here as PR (permanent resident) and went back in 2 months. Their PR card got cancelled as they never came back. This was just 2 years back.”

“To our surprise they received voter cards in mail (sic).”

“This means there must be several people that are PR or refugees that have received voter cards mailed to them,” said the source. 

Last October, a True North investigation found a Mexican family in Edmonton who received voter cards from Election Canada, despite being asylum seekers and not citizens. They spoke to True North because they were concerned with voter fraud and the integrity of our democracy in Canada. 

“I want to give something back to Canada. Canada has done so much for us, and we don’t want to see Canada go in that direction. That’s not fair to Canadians,” said the Mexican whistleblower exposing Elections Canada fraud. 

Following our report, Election Canada admitted the problem was far deeper than anyone could have imagined. 

In May 2019, CTV reported: 

Elections Canada has identified and is set to eliminate some 103,000 people from the federal voters register who have been determined to be on the list illegally because they are not Canadian citizens.

Chief Electoral Officer Stephane Perrault told the Senate National Finance Committee on Tuesday that his office has identified these names on the registered list of qualified electors and will be removing them before the 2019 federal election.

As we’ve learned during this election period, however, Elections Canada failed to live up to this promise. 

Australian and British nationals living in Alberta came forward earlier this month to say they received voter cards even though they are not citizens eligible to vote. 

Tens of thousands of non-citizens may still have their names illegally included on Elections Canada’s voter lists and could have the opportunity to sway the outcome of this election.

This is a very real example of foreign meddling in our election. 

It is certainly the case that this election will be decided by less than 103,000 votes in strategic ridings across Canada. 

To quote British national Paul Gabriel, who received a voter card from Elections Canada even though he’s not a Canadian citizen, “Your election is about to be stolen from you by illegal voters… Take your country back my Canadian friends, before it’s too late.”

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