Newly released footage of a hostage-taking at an Edmonton border services office shows a man holding a knife to a three-year-old boy’s throat after talking about accessing his “UN lawyer.”

Edmonton police have charged a man in relation to the incident, though have not named him.

In the video, which was captured by the alleged victim’s older sister, suspect argues with a CBSA receptionist for several minutes.

“I say five minutes in the hands of your people, I don’t want it,” said the man. “I don’t trust your people and (the) people around me.” 

The video shows the man continually demanding to be allowed into the CBSA offices growing increasingly aggressive.

“If you don’t want to see the blood – and it’s not a joke – take me right now in your office.” 

The man eventually grabs the boy, Katjavivi Tutjavi, who was waiting nearby with family friends while his parents attended an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing regarding the deportation of his father, Nickolas Tutjavi.   

The boy can be heard crying on camera and screaming for his mother while the man holds a knife to his neck. 

According to witnesses, the child was eventually let go after a CBSA commissionaire intervened and the suspect was apprehended by Edmonton police.

Police have refused to identify the 27-year-old charged after the incident, despite identifying the victim and his family.

According to Tutjavi’s mother, Siska Mbaisa, the boy is still struggling with the traumatizing incident and has been recreating the events while at home. 

The accused is in custody and has been charged with assault with a weapon, uttering threats and hostage-taking. 

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