The faux outrage over Don Cherry’s comments calling on Canadians to wear poppies to honour veterans for Remembrance Day has now led to his firing from Sportsnet. 

Since his comments became viral, the mainstream media has only showed one side story – those denouncing Cherry as xenophobic or unwelcoming. 

Support for Cherry has been completely ignored by the mainstream outlets. 

Despite overwhelming support on social media including several trending hashtags like #IStandWithCherry and #CherryWasRight, the media decided to only report on calls for Cherry to be fired. 

However, many Canadians came out in support of Cherry and his call to honour our veterans who have sacrificed so much so that we can have our freedoms. 

Among those speaking out in support of Cherry is True North Founder Candice Malcolm.

Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington had this to say about Mayor Tory’s comments.

Other Canadians lauded Cherry’s support for veterans and slammed Sportsnet over their decision to fire him. 

If you support Don Cherry and believe we need to honour our heroes by wearing poppies, you can sign our petition here!

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