The newly appointed Minister of Middle Class Prosperity, Mona Fortier, had trouble defining her role and mandate on Friday morning’s CBC Radio program, The Current with Laura Lynch

The role was first announced by the Prime Minister during the cabinet reveal earlier this week, and it immediately raised eyebrows among commentators and Canadians regarding its purpose. 

Lynch repeatedly asked Fortier, “what exactly is your job?” on the Friday morning program, and Fortier failed to provide a clear explanation.

“I’ve been mandated as Minister of Middle Class Prosperity and Associate Minister of Finance to work with my colleagues to make sure we have that lens enabling the fact that we want to put measures in to continue to grow our economy,” said Fortier. 

She did not provide any specific examples or a coherent argument for why Canada needs yet another federal minister.

Lynch also repeatedly pressed Fortier on her definition of “the middle class.” According to the new Liberal minister, it means feeling like you can afford your own way of life. 

“I define the middle class where people feel they can afford their way of life, they have quality of life and they can send their kids to play hockey or even have different activities,” said Fortier. 

Fortier was also unable to answer questions regarding tax cuts proposed by Trudeau during his campaign, claiming that she doesn’t “have the exact number” or specific details. 

When asked whether the Liberal tax cuts will help those earning over $100,000 a year, Fortier replied, “we know and we have really pledged the fact that the 1% needs to give a little bit more. So we will put measures in to help the ones that can continue to build a strong economy and through the middle class we will be doing that.”

According to the Government of Canada website, Fortier is tasked with coming up with an “ambitious plan to build stronger and better communities while growing the middle class.”