On December 13, Greta Thunberg threatened to put politicians who aren’t helping fight climate change “against the wall.”

“We have to make sure that they cannot do that. We will make sure they… that we put them against the wall, and that they will have to do their job and to protect our futures,” said Thunberg during a speech in Italy.

To put someone “against the wall” is a common idiom that can refer to executions or assassinations. 

A day later, Thunberg apologized for the comments insisting that she never intended to imply executions and that it was a mistranslation of a Swedish expression to hold someone accountable. 

“That’s what happens when you improvise speeches in a second language. But of course I apologize if anyone misunderstood this. I can not enough express the fact that I —  as well as the entire school strike movement — are against any possible form of violence. It goes without saying but I say it anyway,” said Thunberg. 

The teenage climate activist has recently come under fire for her extreme climate rhetoric and political views. 

Recently, Thunberg denied that her views were ‘political’ and that she was only trying to communicate scientific facts. 

“I’m sometimes called ‘political’. But I’ve never supported any political party, politician or ideology. I communicate the science and the risks of failing to act on it. And the fact that the politics needed don’t exist today, neither to the right, left nor center,” said Thunberg. 

However, Thunberg has received the support of a number of progressive politicians and left-leaning groups.

In one image, Thunberg can be seen wearing an “Antifascist” t-shirt associated with the violent extreme left-wing group Antifa. 

Thunberg has also met with former President Barack Obama, where he told Thunberg that they were on the same “team.” The teenage climate activist also called the socialist Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “incredible.” 

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