Canadian senator and former RCMP commissioner Bev Busson called out the unfair stereotyping of Canadian police officers in a recent public statement.

“Disturbingly, I see a tendency by some to stereotype equally each and every police officer with the same criminal motives. I am referring to the wave of hatred and disrespect directed at our police forces generally, and specifically at the RCMP,” wrote Busson, in reference to recent protests calling for the defunding of police.

Busson praised the work of Canada’s police, saying that the vast majority of officers are “the finest people you will ever meet,” according to Blacklock’s Reporter.  

“We must remember that racism and stereotyping are wrong in all forms and must be eradicated. Police are people. They are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.”

During an emergency debate on June 18, several senators echoed sentiments by those calling to defund the police. 

“You have all seen police brutality go unchecked. Young boys and girls, parents and grandparents are attacked by those who are supposed to protect them,” said Senator Rosemary Moodie.

“Imagine what it would be like to be scared to call the police, just terrified…This is what Black people are dealing with everyday, and they do not have the privilege of only imaging it,” said Senator James Munson. 

Several municipalities have already held votes on whether or not to decrease funding of local police departments. 

Recently, a vote to cut Toronto’s police budget by 10% in 2021 was defeated by a wide margin. A total of 16 councillors voted against the proposal, while 8 were in favour. 

While the motion to cut the budget failed, a motion to establish further accountability and oversight for police officers did pass.

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