The Conservative Party wants to see the House of Commons create a new anti-corruption committee to combine multiple investigations into the WE scandal.

In a statement on Monday, Conservative MPs Pierre Poilievre and Michael Barrett said the lack of progress on ongoing investigations requires a new body specifically for the task.

“We need an anti-corruption committee to get the truth in the WE scandal,” Poilievre.

“Trudeau shutdown Parliament and is now trying to paralyze committees, preventing Canadians from getting to the truth on his half-billion-dollar payment to a group that paid over half-a-million dollars to this family”

In July, it was revealed the members of the Trudeau family had been paid by WE for speaking events. These payments were not publicly known when cabinet gave WE a $912 million contract.

The Conservatives allege that Liberal MPs have been intentionally disrupting committees to prevent opposition MPs from probing into the WE deal.

Last week, the Liberal chair of the Finance Committee allegedly muted and ended a Zoom meeting just as Poilievre motioned to remove redactions from a document disclosure on WE Charity documents. 

Poilievre later said that the recording of the committee meeting disappeared from the Parliamentary telescreen.

Earlier in October the Liberals and NDP joined forces to shut down a motion to open another WE scandal investigation in the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs (PROC).

Poilievre and Barrett say they will hold marathon sessions of their respective committees to overcome Liberal stalling.

“We will not stop,” Barrett said.

“The complete disregard the Liberals have demonstrated towards the essential work of Parliament and the Prime Minister’s habitual ethic violations is deeply alarming. Conservatives will not stop until the entire truth is exposed.”

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