The Trudeau government is committed to radically increase the number to immigrants coming to Canada this year.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino told the House of Commons immigration committee the government plans to increase the number of immigrants admitted to Canada from 184,370 in 2020 to 401,000 in 2021, an increase of 117%.

“In 2021 we plan to welcome 401,000 new permanent residents,” Mendicino said Monday.

“At the very core of our immigration plan is our belief that those who possess the skills and experience will accelerate our economic recovery.”

Immigration was reduced last year as people chose to stay in their home countries rather than travel abroad. To compensate, the government raised the annual immigration quota from 341,000 to 401,000.

Mendicino also defended his $3.25 billion budget by claiming that the increased rates of immigration will increase economic growth and hasten Canada’s recovery from last year’s recession.

“This funding will be put to good use as we advance our ambitious level objectives to accelerate our economic recovery.”

A recent study commissioned by the Department of Immigration found that most Canadians actually disagree with the Trudeau government’s immigration targets.

Out of the 1,500 people surveyed, 57% said Canada should limit the number of immigrants coming to Canada, with only a small minority thinking there were too few immigrants.

In June, a study commissioned by True North found that 76% of Canadians want a total pause on immigration until a vaccine is developed for COVID-19 and the unemployment rate drops down to pre-COVID levels.