A surgeon and professor at the University of Saskatchewan has been fired after he questioned giving COVID-19 vaccinations to children and calling for informed consent.

According to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), Dr. Francis Christian has been suspended from all teaching responsibilities at the university and will lose his position by September.

The move came after Dr. Christian wrote a letter to fellow doctors that families and children should be aware of potential risks of COVID-19 vaccinations, noting that a patient should always be “fully aware of the risks of the medical intervention, the benefits of the intervention, and if any alternatives exist to the intervention.”

“This should apply particularly to a new vaccine that has never before been tried in humans… before the vaccine is rolled out to children, both children and parents must know the risks of m-RNA vaccines,” he wrote.

Dr. Christian spoke at a rally last week to share the same position. Christian, who says he is pro-vaccination, says currently available COVID-19 vaccination should not be issued to children as young as 12 like the province of Saskatchewan recommends.

Dr. Christian is fighting the action taken against him and is receiving help in his defense from the JCCF.

In a statement to Global News, the Dean of the College of Medicine Dr. Preston Smith said that Dr. Christian’s beliefs are so inappropriate that his suspension is justified.

“When somebody is saying things that are at such great variance with all of our experts and worldwide experts and public safety is involved and could be jeopardized through these differences of view, I think we have to recognize that that’s a special situation that requires urgent and extraordinary action and that’s our reason for acting at this time.”

On Wednesday, True North contributor Anthony Furey reported on how SickKids Hospital is noticing a handful of cases of myocarditis — inflammation of the heart — in youth following vaccination for COVID-19.

Health organizations around the world are investigating the side effects amongst youth who received the COVID-19 vaccine. In its June guidance, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends parents should hold off on vaccinating their children.

“More evidence is needed on the use of the different COVID-19 vaccines in children to be able to make general recommendations on vaccinating children against COVID-19,” the WHO writes.

Recently, multiple healthcare professionals have been punished for speaking out against official narratives around COVID-19 or COVID-19 vaccines.

According to JCCF Litigation Director Jay Cameron, any professional who questions the government narrative on COVID-19 puts their career in jeopardy.

“We are seeing a clear pattern of highly competent and skilled medical doctors in very esteemed positions being taken down and censored or even fired, for practicing proper science and medicine,” he said.

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