Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is calling out the NDP for supporting radical environmental groups, even those illegally blockading oil and gas development sites.

In an exclusive interview with True North fellow Andrew Lawton, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney chided politicians and the Canadian legacy media for giving a free pass to law-breakers.

Alberta has recently been plagued by protests incited by radical far-left environmentalist groups such as Extinction Rebellion. 

“The NDP MLAs went out and joined Greta Thunberg last year at a rally with Extinction Rebellion in front of the legislature,” Kenney said in an interview with True North’s Andrew Lawton. “This is an organization that doesn’t just oppose oil and gas: they oppose nuclear, they oppose hydropower, they oppose all of the traditional green technologies, (including) carbon capture. They’re lunatics.”

“They want to basically turn off the entire industrial modern economy overnight, which would be devastating. These are the people that the NDP are associating with, and I can’t understand why the mainstream media give them a free pass as though they are a mainstream party in Alberta when they hang out with (them) and now have endorsed illegal activities.” 

The most recent protests to dog Alberta are centred around the Coastal GasLink LNG pipeline in neighbouring British Columbia. 

In November, a group of far-left protesters claiming to represent the Wet’suwet’en First Nation blocked Edmonton’s High Level Bridge. These actions were spillover from the pipeline’s site, which has been subject to a number of blockades and sabotage attempts despite court injunctions against the demonstrators. 

TC Energy, the company behind the project, has secured agreements with every elected First Nations group along the pipeline’s route. Nonetheless, a small band of unelected hereditary chiefs with the support of foreign NGOs have sought to bring the project to an end. 

Kenney called the intervention “outrageous.”

“The bottom line is the NDP said that they stand with illegal blockades to interrupt the Coastal GasLink project, which is supported by all 20 elected First Nations councils through which the pipeline passes, including the five clans of the Wet’suwet’en people, and this is outrageous.”. 

“This is what I call environmental colonialism. Many of the so-called land defenders the NDP has endorsed are actually rich white people from southern urban Canada”

As for the media, True North found a recent CBC News article on the illegal pipeline protests to be full of inaccuracies and left-wing bias. 

The explainer piece made no mention that the protests were deemed illegal by the BC Supreme Court.  Its assessments instead relied on a single report by a foreign-funded NGO. 

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