Former U.S. president Donald Trump spoke before thousands of US conservatives on Sunday, saying, “you’re either with the peaceful truckers, or you’re with the left-wing fascists.”

Trump made the comment at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Conroe, Texas in support of the Canadian trucker convoy, saying “a line has been crossed” when the Trudeau government cracked down on the peaceful demonstrations.

Declaring the truckers’ protests to have been “violently put down,” Trump said that the tyranny seen in Canada in recent weeks should shock people around the world.

Trump reminded the American attendees about the truckers’ assets being frozen, the media slandering them as Nazis and organizers being charged with “phony crimes.” He said that he saw plenty of Canadian flags and that the demonstrators had been “falsely accused of loyalty to foreign powers.”

Trump said that the truckers are being “hunted down like enemies of their own government and treated worse than drug-dealers and murderers or rapists.” 

“We stand with the truckers, and we stand with the Canadian people in their noble quest to reclaim their freedom,” he said. 

Trump praised the truckers not only for fighting against government mandates in Canada but also for defending American freedom.

“It’s true, the Canadian truckers – you’ve been reading about it – who are resisting bravely these lawless mandates and are doing more to defend American freedom than our own leaders by far, and we want those great Canadian truckers to know that we are with them all the way,” he said

He added that the truckers have “really shown something.” 

Trump has spoken in support of the Freedom Convoy on a number of occasions. The movement was also praised by former U.S. first son Donald Trump Jr. when it was still on the road to Ottawa.

“When we push back against the insanity, we can win, and that’s how this all ends,” said Trump Jr. “This is a genius idea.”