An elementary school teacher in Windsor, Ontario was caught on tape berating Muslim students for skipping the school’s LGBTQ pride day, telling them their abstention was “disgusting” and “an incredible show of hatred” that made her not want to be their educator.

The Northwood Public School teacher’s long tirade came amid reports of a very high absence rate at the school on its pride day. According to Life Site News, approximately 600 out of the school’s 800 students stayed home – a 75% absentee rate.

True North exclusively obtained a recording of the incident, which took place in June.

This is not the first instance of a teacher lashing out at Muslim students for not participating in LGBTQ pride activities. An Edmonton teacher came under fire after being recorded making similar remarks. 

“We as a staff here at Northwood were incredibly hurt by the statement you made yesterday,” the female teacher told her class. True North has decided not to name her in this story. 

“You need to understand how hurt and disappointed we are in those actions, and take that home to your parents because they are the ones that made you stay home. It was an incredible show of hatred, and it is sad. It was hatred toward a community of people, and it was incredibly disgusting to have witnessed.”

“I do not want to be a part of this school, I am so disgusted by what happened yesterday.”

In the recording, we hear students gasp in shock at the teacher’s remarks. Several of them also challenged the teacher’s claims. 

One student said, “ We weren’t trying to disrespect you.”

The teacher responded, “You might believe that, but what came across was an incredible amount of disrespect, ok? That may have not been your intention, but that’s what it was.”

Another student said, “We are respectful for your people, we don’t hate you at all.”

The teacher replied, “No, yesterday showed a huge lack of disrespect. Every teacher in the school will agree, we had a meeting after school yesterday and so many teachers were angry and upset and ashamed to be a part of this school.”

One student told the teacher she could not compare a religion to sexual preferences – to which she replied, “but you can.” 

In the recording, we also hear the teacher condemn the Muslim students after they tell her they can’t change their religion to have it support LGBTQ lifestyles.

“You have all voiced to me that you cannot change your religion in order to support LGBTQ…  and that is wrong,” said the teacher. “That to me is extremely sad, it’s so sad for you I’m sorry.”

The teacher also told the students an Imam who visits the school was “extremely disappointed in what has happened.” “He said ‘we teach kindness, we teach to be accepting and to be respectful.’”

She instructed the Muslim students to challenge their parents’ beliefs. “That’s when you as students, as kids, need to start teaching your parents.”

The teacher also told the class her colleagues opted to plaster LGBTQ rainbows all over the school in response to significant abstentions on pride day.

“All the rainbows you see around the school was because very few people came yesterday and the teachers are angry.”

“There was not one rainbow up except the few little things that have been up for months and months and months, not one rainbow was up yesterday. The staff at Northwood put all that up because they were so angry with the disrespect they were given yesterday.”

At the end of her rant, the teacher can be heard shouting at students and telling them she is having a hard time being nice to them.

The name of the teacher who made the comments was provided to True North. She is listed as staff on the school’s website, as well as on the Ontario Sunshine List as an employee of the Greater Essex County District School Board. The Ontario College of Teachers database also lists her as an active, licensed educator.

True North reached out multiple times to Northwood Public School for comment, but they did not respond in time for publication. 

A source did however provide True North with a Jun. 20 apology letter sent to Northwood families by principal Dustin O’Neil. He said the teacher’s comments were inappropriate. 

“I want to emphasize that the views expressed do not reflect the values of acceptance, inclusion and belonging that make Northwood such an incredible school and community,” wrote O’Neil. “We are deeply sorry for any harm that has occurred as a result of these comments.”

“We teach our students that words matter – they have the ability to bring us together but can also be used to divide us. We wish to assure the community that we are addressing the situation accordingly.”

“Our diversity and sense of belonging at Northwood enriches student learning and daily experiences. I’m proud to have the opportunity to lead in this rich environment and continue to support the work of ensuring that all students and families are represented positively.”

Elton Robinson, who co-founded the group Parents for Parents Rights in Windsor, told True North the teacher’s comments were “horrific.”  

“A teacher shouldn’t be telling faith-based or non faith based people what they should believe or not believe,” he said. Robinson also commended the students for standing up to the teacher. “The kids did a really good job… trying to explain their side.” 

In Edmonton, a teacher was also recorded berating Muslim students for not supporting LGBTQ pride. That teacher went as far as suggesting the students might not belong in Canada.

The teacher’s comments were condemned by the National Council of Canadian Muslims, as well as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Edmonton Public Schools said it was taking action against the teacher.

In the last two months, Muslim communities across Canada have participated in and led protests against the teaching of gender ideology in schools.

Common chants used by Muslims opposing gender ideology include “Leave our kids alone” and “Let kids be kids.”