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OP-ED: Who are the main sexual abusers of indigenous women and children?

"Most important of all is the comparative context: weighing the difference between sexual abuse by priests and by other indigenous people."

Women pledging not to have children due to climate change is subject of CBC...

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has released a documentary that features young women who have pledged not to have children due to anxieties surrounding climate change.

Experts say mandatory masks harmful for young children

Various experts are speaking out against mandatory masks for children five years old and under despite many Canadian jurisdictions recommending or requiring them for young kids. 

Poll shows Canadian parents slow to vaccinate young children

Child COVID-19 vaccination has been slow to catch on among Canadian parents despite polls showing support for vaccinating kids across Canada. 

Niagara Region says children can be vaccinated without parent’s consent

According to Niagara Region Public Health, children can consent to vaccination as long as they are informed and the consent is offered voluntarily. 

Canada’s fertility rate hits all-time low: Statistics Canada

A report released on Tuesday reveals that Canada’s fertility rate has declined to 1.47 birth per woman, down from 3.94 in 1959.

Socialist dictatorship Venezuela limiting coronavirus testing, fabricating statistics

Freedom and prosperity have declined dramatically in Venezuela since the country embraced socialism in 1999.

Taxpayers billed nearly $2.8 million for vaccine injury compensation

Newly unveiled statistics from June 1, 2021 to December 1, 2022 show that 1,067 claims of vaccine injury have been found admissible for compensation by the federal Vaccine Injury Support Program.

BONOKOSKI: If only Trudeau did think about monetary policy

Justin Trudeau wasn’t kidding in 2021 when he said, “you'll forgive me if I don't think about monetary policy”— despite former Bank of Canada governor David Dodge suggesting it was a stupid enough quote for the prime minister to walk back.

GUEST OP-ED: Canada may have thousands of pretendians – here’s why

Pretendianism – pretending to be an Indian – has been commonplace for generations. In recent decades, however, indigenous identity theft by white Canadians has skyrocketed in lock-step with the growing status, influence, privilege, and wealth that faking Indian pedigree now yields. 

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