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Experts say mandatory masks harmful for young children

Various experts are speaking out against mandatory masks for children five years old and under despite many Canadian jurisdictions recommending or requiring them for young kids. 

Poll shows Canadian parents slow to vaccinate young children

Child COVID-19 vaccination has been slow to catch on among Canadian parents despite polls showing support for vaccinating kids across Canada. 

Niagara Region says children can be vaccinated without parent’s consent

According to Niagara Region Public Health, children can consent to vaccination as long as they are informed and the consent is offered voluntarily. 

Canada’s fertility rate hits all-time low: Statistics Canada

A report released on Tuesday reveals that Canada’s fertility rate has declined to 1.47 birth per woman, down from 3.94 in 1959.

Socialist dictatorship Venezuela limiting coronavirus testing, fabricating statistics

Freedom and prosperity have declined dramatically in Venezuela since the country embraced socialism in 1999.

72% of parents worried about feeding families: poll

A new Ipsos poll shows that 72% of Canadian households with kids are concerned about feeding their families due to the soaring cost of living driven by inflation. 

Far more Canadians thinking of suicide than before pandemic

According to Statistics Canada data, only 2.7% of Canadians in 2019 reported struggling with thoughts about killing themselves. By 2021, that number had reached 4.2%. 

Trudeau minister asked if unvaxxed US women can abort in Canada “won’t deal in...

The federal Liberal minister for women and gender equality and youth would not say whether unvaccinated US women could enter Canada to terminate their pregnancies, despite the government saying earlier that women denied abortions by a reversal of Roe v. Wade would be welcome.

British Columbia introduces law to collect racial data of citizens

The B.C. government has proudly introduced “the first ever race-based data legislation in the country,” saying it intends to collect information on the races of all its citizens to fight systemic racism and better deliver government programs.

LEVY: Women’s rights activist warns gender dysphoria has become an epidemic

Gender critical activist Mia Ashton has sent a letter to 3,000 school trustees across Canada expressing deep concern with policies allowing schools to withhold a child’s transgender leanings from his or her parents.

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