A new poll suggests nearly half of all Canadians think Canada is worse off under Justin Trudeau while less than one in four think it’s doing better.

When polling firm Leger asked Canadians “is Canada doing better or worse since the election of Justin Trudeau’s liberal government in 2015?” a staggering 46% of Canadians thought Canada is doing worse, compared to only 22% who thought Canada is doing better.

Unsurprisingly, the Western provinces overwhelmingly believe Canada has gone in the wrong direction. Trudeau’s opposition to pipelines and the energy sector have had a devastating impact on the west.

“In Alberta, for example, we see that 59% of people believe Canada is doing worse, so there are regional issues affecting that overall number, but it is quite staggering,” Leger said.

The poll also shows that Andrew Scheer is considered the best leader in 8 out of the 12 key areas Leger asked Canadians about, including taxes, public safety, and economic growth and employment.

Justin Trudeau was only considered best in three areas.

The Leger poll, which came out on February 21st, is just one of the many polls which have indicated that Canadians feel less well off and more infuriated after four years of Liberal government.

An Angus Reid poll from February 5th shows that 63% of all Canadians think that the West gets treated poorly by the federal government, with half of Westerners believing succession from Canada is a real possibility for them.

Higher taxes and a battered oil and gas sector have made life more expensive for Canadians. It’s no wonder the number of Canadians who would call their financial position “good” hit a three year low, according to Ipsos.

Poll after poll indicates Canadians haven’t seen the benefits of the Trudeau government’s plan to “grow the middle class, and help those working hard to join it.”

Increased pessimism will spell trouble for Trudeau as a federal election is scheduled for fall of this year.

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