While in Germany, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau happily posed with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. 

The photo-op comes one month after the Iranian regime admitted to shooting down a Ukrainian airliner and killing 57 Canadians on board. 

Many Canadians expressed outrage over the photo-op and Trudeau’s apparent friendliness with the Iranian official. 

In response to questions over the incident, Trudeau hoped to stress the importance of the need to “work together” to the minister.

“I made a promise to families in Canada to do everything I could to make sure that they get answers, that we have a full and complete investigation, that we understand exactly what happened,” said Trudeau.

“I went by to impress upon the foreign minister of Iran how important it is that we work together.”

The meeting took place in Munich where Trudeau ended an international tour hoping to secure a seat for Canada at the UN Security Council.

Earlier this week, Trudeau secured the vote of Senegalese President Macky Sall for the spot. 

During the trip, Sall defended Senegal’s laws which criminalize homosexual acts as “against nature” and punish LGBT people with up to five years in prison. 

“I always defend human rights and bring those issues wherever I go. President Macky Sall is very familiar with my views on this, and we will talk about it briefly,” said Trudeau about the issue in French.

According to Sall, Trudeau has Senegal’s “full support” in his bid to win a seat on the council.