A survey conducted by the federal government found less than one-fifth of Canadians consider the environment to be cabinet’s top issue.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the survey Continuous Tracking Of Canadians’ Views found that the vast majority of Canadians felt that the environment should not be the Trudeau cabinet’s primary focus.

When asked, “Thinking about the issues presently facing Canada, which one do you feel should receive the greatest attention from the Government of Canada?” only 19% of Canadians said the environment.

Broken down regionally, just 8% of Albertans pegged the environment as their top priority, compared to 30% of Quebecers.

The survey was completed in late 2019 but only released by the Privy Council Office this month.

The survey also found that most Canadians – a majority in every province except Quebec and British Columbia – felt the government was not doing enough for the middle class.

Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna recently said once coronavirus stops being a threat the government needs to make the environment its top priority.

“When the pandemic is over, and we will get through this, we still have another crisis,” said McKenna. “It’s called climate change. The action needs to continue today, tomorrow, and we’re going to continue to move forward.”

The survey also found that most Canadians do not think the Trudeau government has actually addressed environmental issues. Only 34% of respondents felt the Liberals were on the “right track” when it came to the environment.

Ahead of the throne speech on September 23 it has been reported that the Trudeau government is planning an “ambitious green agenda,” even after the coronavirus has put unprecedented fiscal pressure on the government.

Earlier this week, Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson confirmed the Trudeau government will push ahead with its Clean Fuel Standard, a regulatory regime which amounts to a second carbon tax.

Energy industry experts predict the Clean Fuel Standard will raise the cost of fuel three times higher than the carbon tax will.

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