A new poll found that a majority of Canadians are stressing over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s handling of Canada’s ballooning deficit. 

According to the Maru/Blue survey, 67% of respondents want the government to reduce the oversized deficit. The poll interviewed over 1,500 Canadians from across the country in both French and English from October 2 to October 4. 

“This view is most likely to be found in Québec (78%), followed by those from Manitoba/Saskatchewan (72%), British Columbia (68%), Atlantic Canada (66%), Alberta (63%), and Ontario (61%),” claimed the Maru/Blue findings

The same poll found that 51% of people polled think the Liberals are only looking out for their own voters and don’t have the interest of all Canadians in mind. 

59% of those polled also believe that the federal government is making the right decisions, while only 49% believe that it is being prudent in making choices that affect all Canadians. 

According to Canada’s Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux, the Liberal deficit is projected to hit $328.5 billion this year. 

When questioned in September on whether he has a plan to reduce the deficit, Trudeau refused to give a direct answer. 

“The values and principles that underpin it should be obvious to everyone because they are the things this government has remained focused on from the beginning,” replied Trudeau to reporters. 

“Our principle from the very, very beginning has been we will be there for Canadians. Every step of the way we will continue to be there for Canadians.”