As the insipid performance of the head of Canada’s official opposition continues, Canadians are asking themselves, “where is Erin O’Toole?”

Prompted by a late-Monday-night tweet by yours truly, hundreds of Twitter users chimed in to chide the Conservative leader for his ballooning political irrelevance. 

As of Tuesday, the tweet had received over 2,500 likes – a testament to how disliked O’Toole has become since blowing the 2021 election. 

Among the hundreds of users who replied to the question of Erin O’Toole’s whereabouts, many simply responded with “Who?” 

These included author and National Post columnist Barbara Kay. 

Others jested about how O’Toole seems to have faded into obscurity. 

“An empty taxi pulled up, and (Erin O’Toole) got out,” tweeted Karl Harrison. 

In response to Harrison’s tweet, user Mac Ryan expressed his frustration with O’Toole’s so-called leadership. 

“If I wasn’t so angry with the lack of opposition in this country I would have laughed harder. But that was still funny lol,” tweeted Ryan. 

A recent poll has shown O’Toole’s favourability crumbling among Canadians at large, but especially with his own party’s base. 

According to the Angus Reid Institute, O’Toole has a 24% favourability rate among Canadians and only 59% among his own party members.

Since flip-flopping on several key promises to the Conservative base during the last federal election, O’Toole has been dogged by attempts to have him face an early leadership review. 

In a conversation with True North, the group behind the push to oust O’Toole – Members Vote –  said that the latest polling results were a testament to how disliked the party leader actually is. 

“We believe that the recent polling results support what we already know to be true – that members are tired of Mr. O’Toole’s constant flip-flopping,” a Members Vote spokesperson told True North.

On Twitter, Canadians questioned whether there was an opposition in Parliament at all, citing a total lack of resistance from the CPC leader on recent lockdowns in Ontario and Quebec. 

“When we need opposition to scrutinize & keep in check our government,…it is nowhere to be seen!!??? That’s Erin O’Toole!” observed Roger Brennan.  

While parliamentarians prepare to return to the House of Commons at the end of January, it seems that 2022 is already off to a bad start for O’Toole. 

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