A recent poll has found that the apocalyptic messages of climate change alarmists are having a negative effect on the dreams of British children.

A new poll by ComRes for the BBC found that 19% of British children report climate change-related nightmares, with 17% saying climate change fears have affected their sleep overall.

Out of the 2000 children ages 8-16 surveyed, 41% said they do not trust adults to address climate change.

Experts attribute much of the climate-related anxiety children face to the apocalyptic message of 17-year old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg. Thunberg has warned that without radical action, climate change will end humanity.

Thunberg specifically targets young people with her message and has encouraged children to skip school to protest.

Children may also be affected by the messages of climate extremist groups that support Thunberg’s activism.

Over the past year, Britain, in particular, has been besieged by radical environmentalist group Extinction Rebellion. The group has blockaded railways and streets across the country.

Extinction Rebellion is often seen at Greta Thunberg rallies in the U.K. and Canada.

The U.K. government recently listed Extinction Rebellion in a guide of extremist groups that target children.

“An anti-establishment philosophy that seeks system change underlies [Extinction Rebellion’s] activism; the group attracts to its events school-age children and adults unlikely to be aware of this. While non-violent against persons, the campaign encourages other law-breaking activities,” the guide says. 

In Canada, Extinction Rebellion recently attempted to kidnap BC Premier John Horgan over his support of the Coastal GasLink pipeline.

In 2019, Oxford Dictionaries reported a 4,290% increase in the use of the term “eco-anxiety.”

Oxford Dictionaries says that the term “eco-anxiety” is primarily used by young people to describe how climate change fears are damaging their mental health.

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