As the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) gears up to elect a new leader on Sept. 10, over half a dozen candidates have announced their interest in running for the party’s top post. 

True North has compiled a list of who’s in and who’s out of the 2022 CPC leadership contest. 

Who’s in: 

Pierre Poilievre

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre was the first to announce his bid for the Conservative leadership soon after former leader Erin O’Toole was ousted by his party’s caucus on Feb. 2. Since his entry, Poilievre has already announced that he will be running on a cost-of-living and freedom platform. Poilievre has also stated that if elected he will scrap the federal carbon tax. 

Jean Charest

Former Quebec Liberal premier Jean Charest recently threw his hat into the race after publicly stating he was interested in running for the CPC’s top post. Charest has promised to unite the divided Conservative caucus and to bring the Conservatives back into power. 

Leslyn Lewis

Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis announced her bid to become leader of the CPC on Mar. 8. During the 2020 CPC leadership race, Lewis placed third behind Peter MacKay and former CPC leader Erin O’Toole. Lewis has since said she’s running on conservative principles and respect for others. 

Patrick Brown

Brampton mayor Patrick Brown is among the latest contenders in the 2022 CPC leadership contest. Brown has since touted his proven ability to be elected in traditionally Liberal strongholds such as Brampton. Brown has called for a more “inclusive” Conservative party and for an end to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. 

Roman Baber

Ontario MPP Roman Baber has also announced his bid for the CPC leadership. Baber was kicked out of the Progressive Conservatives by Ontario premier Doug Ford after he spoke out against COVID-19 lockdowns. He has continued to advocate against vaccine mandates and passports and has promised to battle cancel culture. 

Joseph Bourgault 

Saskatchewan businessman Joseph Bourgault released a short Facebook video on Mar. 15 announcing he was entering the race. Bourgault has promised to end COVID-19 mandates and the carbon tax.

Scott Aitchison

Conservative MP Scott Aitchison is the most recent contender to become leader of the Conservative party. Aitchison made his announcement on Mar. 16 via video.

Who’s out:

Peter MacKay

Former cabinet minister and CPC leadership candidate Peter MacKay has ruled out entering the 2022 leadership race. MacKay made the announcement in a social media video, saying he would support whoever was eventually elected.  

Michael Chong

Conservative MP Michael Chong, who ran in the 2017 CPC leadership race, has also ruled out a bid for the party’s top post. Chong said that “now (was) not the time” for him to take up the mantle. 

Scott Moe

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has stated that he has no intention of leaving his provincial post and running to become leader of the federal Conservatives. Moe said he had the “best job in Canada” and will continue on with his role leading Saskatchewan. 

Rona Ambrose

Former interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose has also ruled out a potential run for the CPC leadership.

Brad Wall

Former Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall stated that he enjoys working in the private sector and would not be entering the 2022 Conservative leadership contest. 

Tasha Kheiriddin

Columnist Tasha Kheiriddin has also decided that she will not be running for the CPC leadership after publicly announcing she was considering the prospect last month. Kheiriddin has since thrown her support behind Charest.