A new report by the defence ministry has called systemic racism and white supremacy the biggest problems plaguing Canada’s military. 

The Final Report of the Minister of National Defence Advisory Panel on Systemic Racism and Discrimination includes a 15-page glossary defining terms such as “ableism,” ‘cisgender” and “invisible disabilities.” 

Its authors claim that Canada is an inherently racist country and recommends that monotheistic religions like Christianity have no place in the military. 

“The failure of the Defence Team to be representative of Canadian demographics is rooted in the system that was created by European settlers,” the report reads. 

The four panel members behind the 108-page report go on to cite an unverified claim by so-called “hate researcher” Dr. Barbara Perry which argues that there are “300 active far-right extremists groups” operating in Canada without any evidence. 

“According to Dr. Barbara Perry, one of Canada’s top hate crime researchers, Canada has close to 300 white supremacist entities, anti-immigrant groups, and holocaust deniers that have operated for decades.”

On the issue of chaplaincy, the report paints monotheistic religions like Christianity as being in conflict with the military’s equity and inclusivity goals. According to the panel, these beliefs “conflict with the commitment of the Defence Team to value equality and inclusivity at every level of the workplace.”

“For some other Canadians religion can be a source of suffering and generational trauma,” the report reads. “(This is) especially true for many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and two-spirited members of Canadian society.”

It goes on to call for a more inclusive form of chaplaincy that is not based in Christianity.

“Some chaplains represent or are affiliated with organized religions whose beliefs are not synonymous with those of a diverse and inclusive workplace,” the report reads. “Certain faiths have strict tenets requiring conversion of those they deem to be ‘pagan,’ or who belong to polytheistic religions.”

The report’s panel recommends that the military not hire members of certain religious organizations, and single out Christian religious leaders.

“If the Defence Team rejects gender discrimination, anti-Indigenous discrimination, and racialized discrimination in every other area and is working hard to remove systemic barriers to the employment of marginalized people, it cannot justify hiring representatives of organizations who marginalize certain people or categorically refuse them a position of leadership,” the report reads. 

“Indigenous Peoples have suffered unimaginable generational trauma and genocide at the hands of Christian religious leaders through initiatives such as Residential School and Indian Day School programs.”

Although it specifically targets monotheistic religions and Christianity, report authors noted that they began each day of their hearing with an Indigenous prayer towards “Mother Earth and her beautiful dress, towards the oceans, seas and rivers and all the creatures who live within them, towards vegetation and land-loving creatures as well as those who fly in the sky, and towards the Four Winds, our Elder Brother the Sun, our Grandfathers the thunder beings, our Grandmother Moon, and our Creator, however imagined.”

As exclusively reported on by True North, the Canadian military has taken a hard turn towards woke far-left ideology. According to one source, members have been forced to read works of critical race theory, while last year a drag queen bingo event was held in Halifax.

The Canadian Armed Force has also announced genderless uniforms and recently proposed a new draft plan to introduce a “gender inclusive” dress code including permitting men or women in uniform to don face tattoos, fake nails, jewelry and dyed hair while on service.